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Welcome to Tripura....


Tripura is one of India's Northeastern states. It is one of the regions least explored by foreign tourists, but offers immense natural beauty and an intriguing cultural heritage.

Tripura is a touristís paradise with the lush green valleys and picturesque mountain ranges. The deep valleys and scenic vales will take your breath away. Tripura is also a very culturally rich state. A variety of fairs and festivals take place through out the year at Tripura. Most of Tripura is covered by forest ranges that consist of trees, orchids, birds and wildlife. Tripura offers exceptional prospects for eco-friendly tourism.


Even though Tripura falls under the category of smaller states, it boasts of many tourist attractions in form of beautiful magnificent palaces constructed by maharajas like the Ujjayanta Palace, Kunjaban Palace, exquisite rock-cut carvings and stone images the most well known being the Unakoti and Debatamura and famous temples such as Mata Tripureswari Temple, Fourteen Goddess Temple. Also Tripura is renowned for its lakes, wild life sanctuaries and hill ranges.


Just like a hidden piece of land, Tripura is full with mystery of nature, history and tribal life. As the legend goes, the Manikya dynasty which started in the pre-historical period, continued till 1949, when the agreement of Merger of Tripura with the Indian Union was signed by the Maharani Kanchanprava Devi on 15th October. The treasure of 19 tribal culture and heritage has enriched the tradition and culture of Tripura with every passage of time. A unique combination of age-old culture and tradition is visible from the exquisite handloom and handicraft products of the state. Tourists coming from different parts shop these ethnic items till they drop.


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